Want to get some REAL results for your business? Enter Workplace Strategy

Workplace Strategy

Do you have a mandate or priority to reduce your property expenditure? Now that we’re all going back to the office, does your current workspace meet the needs of flexible work? Is the lease expiry looming and you don’t know where to start?

Each business has their own set of challenges when it comes to the workplace. Whether this relates to returning to the office, property costs, size and location, workspace efficiencies, team productivity, and now more than ever, workforce flexibility. Yes, it’s a lot, and you have some BIG decisions to make.

Enter Workplace Strategy.

What is Workplace Strategy?

Workplace strategy is a process that allows businesses to make informed decisions to reach their commercial and cultural objectives. It dilutes the noise, cuts through the conversations with targeted focus on data-driven decision making, and outcome-driven strategy.

By looking at the business goals and priorities of an organisation, we can navigate and drive robust conversations to ensure your business succeeds. Let’s look at a few common business challenges that this process can address.

Size and Location

The world of work is changing, and COVID has played a role in the way businesses think about their use of space. Are your employees back in the office full time or have you adopted a hybrid working model? Do you have a mandate to reduce your footprint? The challenge of upsizing or downsizing a workspace is something many businesses face. 

Having a strategy in place can help make sure you select the right property and layout for your business needs.

Cost Efficiencies

Workplace Strategy can also enable peak performance in the workforce and increase cost efficiencies. This may not necessarily be property costs, but it might be sick leave, staff attrition, recruitment, and retention costs. 

We can identify the inefficiencies in work practices and propose the changes necessary to maximise efficiencies for the business.

cost efficiencies
Introducing change

Introducing Change

Whether it’s merges or acquisitions, consolidating teams or relocating occupied spaces, introducing change is an emotional process. It’s essential to have a carefully thought-out process to manage change and staff expectations to ensure a smooth transition.

Having the right strategy in place can turn fears into excitement on this journey of change.

Company Culture

Company culture is about the way people feel about the work they do, how that aligns with the company values and where the company is heading. What kind of culture do you want your business to reflect? Workplace Strategy can help ensure your desired values and attitudes towards work is embraced by your people.

Not only can you maintain staff loyalty and pride within your company, but also attract the right talent for your business.

company culture
Brand perception

Brand Perception

First impressions matter. How do you want a client to feel when they walk into your office? Does the workplace reflect your brand values? Some brands are loud and colourful, others are calmer and more collected. No matter what your brand is, it should be reflected throughout your workplace. 

Having a branded office gives you a professional presence and provides confidence to clients working with you.

Where can you get started?

In this current market, where many businesses compete to stay at the top of their game, having the right Workplace Strategy is crucial. PMG Group offers Workplace Strategy not only from a design perspective but from a commercial perspective. We have in-house consulting experts which allows us to look at all the options available to your business with an engaging, conversational and wholistic approach. We genuinely want your business to get the best return on investment from your real estate and your people.

Not sure where to start? Call us for a free consultation from one of our experts.