PMG is in Brisbane! We sat down with John Muhary and the new team to talk about the move, goals and more!


After 25 successful years in Sydney, PMG Group recently expanded its operations to Brisbane. We sat down with PMG Group’s Managing Director, John Muhary​, to talk about the move, goals and vision, as well as what’s in the pipeline for the team.

John Muhary, Managing Director

Why Brisbane?

“Over the last few years we’ve assisted a number of our Sydney-based clients with projects in other cities and this has allowed us to develop excellent working relationships with industry professionals across Australia and New Zealand. 

The strength of our Sydney team, as well as these interstate connections, have given us the solid footing that we needed to expand into new locations. And we’ve been looking to make the move for a while now. We were just waiting for the right people, with the right skillset, in the right place at the right time. 

As it turns out, Brisbane was the first to present itself.

The move makes sense for us and is the first step in our 5-year growth plan. We’ve been able to pull together a great team with the right synergy and a shared ethos that will take the PMG brand to new heights. They’ll also have the support of our talented Sydney team (21 strong) behind them, who are always only a zoom meeting, phone call or short flight away.”

Can you tell us a little bit more about the Brisbane team?

“I was determined to pull together a capable group of individuals that would compliment the well-established Sydney team.  And I think we have done that.

At PMG, we’re always on the lookout for ways to increase our knowledge and skill sets. And working with a new team of people with a depth of industry and client experience in a different city does just that. We stand to learn a lot from one another, and that’s very exciting.”

We also sat down with the five faces of the newly-formed Brisbane team – Tod Parker, Lisa Spencer, Melina Gillespie, Aiden Guenole and Jenny Cha –  to discuss their reasons for moving over to PMG,  industry experience, what excites them about their new roles and more!

Tod Parker, General Manager - QLD

Why PMG?

“There are four main reasons that I am excited to work with PMG. Firstly, TENURE – PMG is 25 years strong in business, and many of their close-knit team have been with the company for years. Secondly, DESIGN – the company has a strong team of dedicated designers with many years of experience and some great past projects and clients behind them. Thirdly, TRUST – PMG believes in building trust and not compromising on that trust, which resonates with me. Lastly, SYNERGY – I strongly believe that our ethics and view of the industry are closely aligned.”

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your experience?

“I originally came into the construction industry through sales. I quickly learned that in design and construction you are only as good as your team.  When I got the opportunity to build my own team I focused on high performance experts in each field. As a business leader, I have found when you compile a high-performing team your role switches to supporting the environment they operate in so they can continue to perform at this very high level. That sweet spot where a team performs well above the sum of its parts – that’s when I thrive.”

Lisa Spencer, Business Development

Why PMG?

“PMG is a home-grown business with 25 years of service in Sydney. The leaders are all from Design, Construction and Finance backgrounds, which are key contributors to the company’s years of success. PMG also has exceptionally long staff tenure, which is always a good sign!”

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and your experience?

“I’m born and bred in Brisbane and have a real love and passion for my city. Prior to commercial property, I had the pleasure of working in residential. So, I’ve covered a lot of ground here. In more recent years I worked in office leasing managing a Queensland property portfolio. The transition from office leasing to office fitout has been such an exciting and rewarding change. And this new journey just offers a greater and more complete depth of knowledge to add to my property background.”

Melina Gillespie, Senior Designer

Why PMG?

I was presented with the fantastic opportunity to help launch PMG into the Brisbane market.  I’m really excited to take on this challenge as a designer and promote our brand.”

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your experience?

I have been designing workspaces for nearly eight years and was a commercial furniture sales rep for four years prior to that – so I have heaps of experience with commercial interiors!  I am passionate about design and have an eye for detail. I pride myself on my customer service, client relationships and problem-solving skills.”

Aiden Guenole, Project Manager

Why PMG?

“The opportunity to assist a company with the delivery of exciting interstate works was the first thing that drew me to this role. I really enjoy working with new clients and taking ownership of the delivery of a space that they are excited to move into. I also enjoy working directly with designers, so PMGs D&C model and collaborative approach also appealed to me.”

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and your experience?

I’ve been in the construction industry for 10+ years, working across the country carrying out jobs in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Central QLD, Northern NSW and Brisbane. I have a number of projects already under my belt across refurbishment, new build, industrial, retail and fitout, and look forward to working on new projects and with new clients.”

Jenny Cha, Interior Designer

Why PMG?

“Positive workplace culture is what stood out to me the most. PMG is a company that really cares about the employees and their wellbeing. Also being able to work beside such talented, optimistic and driven people I saw an opportunity for growth and to contribute to ever-growing PMG.”

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your experience?

“I started off in retail design and jumped into the commercial market almost 5 years ago. I love the fast-paced nature of this industry and how we are always rewarded for the effort we put in. We have the privilege of seeing our creations come to life and there’s no better sense of achievement.”

What’s been the response from your existing industry contacts? 

Lisa: “The five very familiar faces heading up Team Brisbane bring a wealth of design and construction experience and established local partnerships. So everyone has been incredibly receptive in welcoming a fresh brand into Brisbane, especially knowing there is a 25 year Sydney legacy backing us.”  

Melina: Everyone has been extremely supportive. I have been humbled by the number of people who have proactively contacted me, expressing their desire to work with PMG.” 

How would you describe PMG?

Lisa: “PMG gives me the feeling that I’m part of a family – part of something bigger than just a business. The group is established, professional, dedicated and passionate. They adhere to high standards and show a great deal of commitment to their clients. And I share these values. PMG take pride in what they do and foster a value-driven approach to servicing their clients. I’m thrilled to be working with them!”

Aiden: “PMG is a high-quality D&C company with the experience to deliver outcomes that exceed their clients’ expectations.”

What excites you about this new adventure?

Tod: “Although PMG has a long history in Sydney and has done a few projects in Brisbane over the years, launching into the Brisbane market is a bold move that many others have tried and failed at over the years. When we look back in a couple of years and see what we have built with the support of the Sydney team I am sure we will all feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment.”

Jenny: “It is exciting to see how fast PMG is entering the Brisbane market. With immense support from the Sydney team, we are constantly inspired and motivated to push further.”