What Is A Destination Workplace?

The destination workplace is one of the hot topics closing out our conversations for 2022.

What is it, you ask? 

Like the concept of a destination wedding, where creating a celebratory experience in a distinctive location offers a new take on the traditional alternatives, a destination workplace is where employees want to be and thrive.

When we add the word “destination” in front of another word, we can create something unique, an entirely different experience. The traditional mindset of desks in an office will not cut it because an organisation needs to cultivate a purposeful working environment.

The workplace plays a vital role in retaining and attracting the right staff. ROI in a workplace is a critical measure of success in today’s office climate.

A destination workplace that complements the unique needs of the individual and employee means that staff are purposeful and productive. Employees are enticed by spirited and defined spaces and are drawn to a company’s culture. Unity and efficiency drive productivity and, thus, a return on your property investment.

Three things to consider when creating your destination workplace:

  1. What is the purpose of your workplace:

The primary purpose of physical office space is to create a unique work-focused environment that aids its tenants or staff in getting their jobs done efficiently. Dive into staff members’ conversations and collaboration points and hone in on creating environments that inspire, connect and foster easy collaboration for co-workers.

  1. What does your WOW look like:

Add a magnetic appeal within a functional space to excite and draw people in.

  1. What will support your people to thrive and connect:

From breakout spaces and amenity areas to height-adjustable desks and technology-enabled regions for hybrid or virtual employees, it is essential to recognise the diversity among staff; no two workers work the same. We have previously touched on the increased demand for Hybrid Workplaces from the post-Covid employee. Whether in an office, at a cafe, remotely at home or all of the above, employees want to be able to match their environment to what they want to achieve. This freedom is what will unleash inspiration and motivation.

The ‘destination’ approach prioritises the needs of your employees alongside the needs of the organisation, creating a culture and environment that is better for your entire team and generates bottom-line results. It considers how the physical office should be set up and how this physical space can impact and affect the culture and its staff. Workplace architects understand the incredibly positive impact the physical workplace can have on an employee.

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