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Workplace Strategy

Do you need to make workplace and property decisions – driven by data and insights – without overly complicated or expensive workshops and reports?

What is Workplace Strategy?
Workplace Strategy is a process, which relies on extensive data, and allows your business to make informed decisions to reach your commercial and cultural objectives. With the right strategy, you can overcome challenges and ensure success.

Common Workplace Challenges
PMG works with medium to large organisations across Australia to develop workplace strategies that align with their property, commercial, cultural, and financial objectives.

Workplace challenges facing executive, financial, and property teams:
• Property costs
• Lease expiries in the next 12 – 24 months
• Stay-or-go decisions
• Co-location/consolidation of properties
• Business mergers, acquisitions, or expansions into new locations
• Decrease in organisational agility, performance, and output
• Support for ESG goals

Workplace challenges facing people & culture teams: 
• Return to office challenges
• Space utilisation 
• Difficulties attracting or retaining staff
• Changes in staff numbers or teams
• Increasing collaboration, innovation, wellness, and creativity
• Improving communication and overall culture
• Changes in leadership structure 
• Managing technology uplift and adoption

Our Approach to Workplace Strategy

PMG understand that each business has a different set of challenges.
We tailor our selection of tools and methods, depending on your requirements,
that are relevant, simple, and practical to implement.

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Engagement Sessions

Discussions with executives and key stakeholders (tenant reps, consultants) to collect crucial business information, establish a shared vision and goals and ensure  consideration of all factors.

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Staff Surveys

Questionnaires can be designed to assess employee feelings regarding well-being, productivity, workplace culture, and preferred working styles.

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Offering a deeper understanding of your business – through your people –  by getting to know them and their needs, work styles and preferences.

staff engagement

Team Forums

Sessions with your teams to address challenges and needs specific to each business function, promoting team engagement in the process.

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Workplace Audits

Audits include a thorough examination of your current workspace, analysing functions, activities, storage requirements, utilisation, and identifying areas for improvement.

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Future-proof Analysis

The gathered data will create a tailored solution for your business, considering both your current needs and future requirements.

Why work with PMG?

At PMG Group, our workplace strategy team are experts at breaking down complex concepts into practical, actionable components.

We excel in data-driven decision-making to ensure success in achieving sustainable commercial and cultural objectives. 

Recognising each business is unique, we tailor our approach to encompass the specific values, objectives, and aspirations of different organisations and industries.

PMG Group’s extensive experience allows us to identify common themes and key questions, making it easy to navigate and mitigate barriers to business goals.

What outcomes can you expect?  

  • Data led insights on your workplace requirements.

  • Support your business case for property decisions.

  • External objectivity to internal workplace discussions.

  • Concise and practical reporting to make complicated decisions simpler and more efficient.

  • Accurate space assessments to ensure better utilisation

  • A workplace that better reflects the vision, mission, goals, and objectives of your organisation.

  • An efficient process, tailored to your objectives, without the need for costly workshops and long reports.

Ready to get started?

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