Workplace Strategy

What does the short and long-term future look like for your business?

We all know that working environments play an instrumental role in how employees and customers perceive your brand. But did you know your working environment can directly impact the profitability of your business?

Enter workplace strategy.

Workplace strategies rely on extensive data surrounding your business culture, employees and organisational goals, to help you design a high performing workspace (rather than one that forces employees to change their behaviour over time) that enhances your business and remains functional for years to come.

It’s all about asking the right questions and observing how your staff behave to create a balanced workplace; one that positions you three steps ahead of your next challenge or opportunity.

You’d never begin building a house without a blueprint, so why design your workplace without a strategy?

At PMG, we are committed to creating future-thinking, people-driven workspaces. We adopt a consultative approach and know what to ask, how to break down requirements and how to push boundaries to devise a workplace strategy that gets results.

Our Approach to Workplace Strategy

Your brand is the sum of your culture, employees and goals. So, these three
things should lie at the heart of your workplace strategy. Here’s how we can
work with you to unearth your future-proof solution.

staff surveys icon

Staff Surveys

We can design tailored surveys to gauge employee sentiment around wellbeing, productivity, culture and working styles.
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Workplace Audits

We’ll carry out an audit of your workplace that analyses function, activity, storage needs, utilisation and areas for improvement.
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We can gain a deeper understanding of your business through your people by getting to know them and their needs, work styles and preferences.
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Strategy Sessions

We can run a management workshop to gather vital business information, agree on a vision and goals, and ensure every consideration has been addressed.

staff engagement

Engagement Forums

We can facilitate engagement sessions with your teams to discuss pain points and requirements by business function, and to foster team engagement.
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Future Space Analysis

We’ll use all the data we’ve gathered to develop a custom solution for your business; one that considers both your current and future requirements.

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We work with you to analyse your needs, pain points and future plans to design a space that enhances your productivity, inspires efficiency and drives your desired culture.

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