J. Wyndham Prince

A workplace that offers an engaging and collaborative environment for staff, fostering a culture of collaboration and productivity.


1,160 sqm


J.Wyndham Prince (JWP) is a well-known civil engineering and project management consultancy based in Sydney. They faced the challenge of bringing together their staff from two separate locations. They wanted to create a workplace environment that would foster collaboration, boost productivity, and enhance the overall client experience.

Designing an Engaging Sydney Office Environment:

JWP’s primary objective for their new workplace was to create an engaging environment that would encourage collaboration and provide a space for their teams to gather. The design aimed to reflect JWP’s social culture while supporting staff interaction to help them achieve their best.

Strategic Collaboration Spaces:

To facilitate collaboration and social connections, breakout spaces were strategically designed across the floor. These spaces were intended to unite staff and serve as venues for large staff townhalls. Additionally, a variety of private and informal meeting settings were incorporated into the design to encourage collaboration while ensuring privacy when needed.

Seamless Technology Integration:

Recognising the importance of technology in today’s workplace, JWP’s new office embraced simple-to-use technology solutions. This allowed staff to seamlessly connect and ensured that everyone had an inclusive meeting experience, whether they were in the office or working remotely.

Design Solutions for the Sydney Office:

The final design achieved a beautiful balance between functionality and an open-plan layout that supported collaboration while respecting the need for privacy. The concept drew inspiration from the landscape and locality of JWP’s rich history, as well as the innovative land development projects that the company had successfully delivered. The result was a Sydney office and workplace that successfully brought JWP’s vision to life. The engaging and collaborative environment united their staff, fostering a culture of collaboration and productivity. The open-plan design facilitated interaction while providing private spaces when required.


The transformation of J. Wyndham Prince’s workplace resulted in an engaging and fit-for-purpose environment that successfully united staff, fostered collaboration, and boosted productivity. By combining thoughtful design solutions, strategic collaboration spaces, and seamless technology integration, JWP’s new workplace exemplifies the positive outcomes that can be achieved through effective project delivery.

“Great job! You and the team have nailed it. It’s pretty much a case study in effective project delivery, in my opinion. If nothing else, the objective to improve inter-team and cross-team collaboration started within 1 hour from settling into our new workplace and has shown no sign of abating, and our engineers LOVED your colour scheme!” 
– Matthew White, General Manager, J. Wyndham Prince.