What Is A Hybrid Workplace?

The world of work is changing. COVID has played an unprecedented role in accelerating this change and has provided the impetus to challenge traditional mindsets and workplace and workforce norms. More than ever before, the workplace (in all forms) and ways of working are coming to the forefront of conversation without any connection to lease expiries. Pressure from employees to offer increased flexibility forces a reassessment of businesses’ investment in property and office space. 

Employees, on the one hand, may be questioning what their future holds for their work/life/home balance: 

  • Am I going back? 

  • When am I going back? 
  • What will I do there? 

Business leaders on the other hand are evaluating large-scale property expenditure for the business as a whole: 

  • Are we required to save costs? Are we facing challenges as a business? 

  • What is our environmental footprint? 

  • What is the purpose of the office? 

  • How do we attract staff back and what will they do here? 

  • Do we need an office at all? Is our lease coming up soon?

How do you know what the best solution is for your business? Let’s be honest, you don’t. There is no crystal ball. We all need to be nimble, experiment with data-driven solutions and learn through this evolutionary adaptation process. However, we know that the future of the workplace is centred on collaboration, efficiency, and, most importantly, flexibility. A recent Swinburne University study revealed that 73% of workers want some form of a flexible work arrangement and that a lack of flexibility was a “deal breaker” in their employment. 

Understanding your business’s future will ultimately shape the type of workplace your business and employees want and need. We empathise with you and appreciate the critical importance of the decisions you need to make now to achieve your desired outcome later. 

A hybrid workplace is just that, a workplace model that mixes a hybrid of locations with in-office and remote work to offer flexibility and support to employees. The heart of the hybrid workplace is CHOICE. Whether in an office, at a cafe, remotely at home or all of the above, employees want to be able to match their environment to what they want to achieve. This freedom can unleash inspiration and motivation in your team. In a hybrid workplace, employees typically enjoy more autonomy and better work-life balance and are thus more engaged as a result. Employers benefit by building a more productive, healthy, and stable workforce. 

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