Office Greenery, Why Is This So Important?

Architects and designers alike have long appreciated the importance of greenery in an office. Regarding workplace design, it is no secret that using plants and indoor vegetation dramatically enhances the visual creation of a space. However, beyond the visible, indoor plants, green walls, and courtyard gardens in the office have more benefits than aesthetics alone.

Office greenery and workplace health go hand in hand. Edward O. Wilson, an entomologist, first introduced the field of study in the 1980s known as Biophilia, the human connection to the natural world. Unfortunately, the space where we spend most of our days, our workplace, has lost much of its connection to nature over time. This connection to nature, especially when experienced within the walls of office design, can significantly improve health and wellbeing. Seeing a plant in your peripheral vision is enough to boost psychological engagement within a workplace.

Reduce toxins with increased air purification

With a lack of airflow, traditional office buildings are known to contain more contaminants than the great outdoors. Plants and greenery assist in managing humidity, mould, dust, and carbon dioxide, creating cleaner air and improving overall employee wellbeing. A breath of fresh air, quite literally.

Reduce stress levels

According to a recent research paper, workplaces that incorporated plants within their design showed the following advantages:

  • 37% reduction in anxiety
  • 44% reduction in office hostility
  • Reduced chronic fatigue by nearly 40%

Boost productivity

  • It is within our human instinct to connect with nature. By incorporating greenery within the office, employees remain more engaged with their environment, thus delivering more and having an easier time staying focused.

Minimise noise levels

  • In spaces with hard surfaces, such as an office with hardwood floors, concrete ceilings and plasterboard walls, our designers will incorporate acoustic panels or barriers to absorb sound, mitigate noise, and reduce reverberation and echo. This logic aligns with the injection of plants, as they efficiently contribute to absorbing sounds and echoes that might distract employee productivity.


  • Workplace happiness improves when natural elements are introduced as we form friendships with living things. The space around us is an incredible tool to foster creativity and drive productivity. An optimal workplace engages and inspires.

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