What Is Workplace Strategy?

People in office attire sitting at a boardroom table

Workplace Strategy is the fact-finding process that allows businesses to make confident and informed decisions about the future of their property footprint, and workplace. The process explores existing challenges around the workplace,  culture, and commercial priorities. 

If you are in the early stages of your property assessment, you may have one of these questions, along with many more:

  • How much space do we need? 
  • How do we bring people back to the office?
  • How do we re-ignite our culture?
  • How do we save money on property? 

Workplace strategy looks at the organisation as a whole and the critical factors that will impact the future workplace: space (size or expenditure), lease, culture, staff retention, and attraction. A local or global mandate has triggered the need for a review. Or the success of an ongoing hybrid working policy entices a requirement for a new workplace model to drive changes in footprint, investment, and people. 

Finding the best hybrid balance for your business and establishing the right workplace solution, acknowledging the pivot in the purpose of the ‘workplace’ since the pandemic, is a challenge many Senior leaders now face. Adopting the right workplace strategy for your business and people will allow new workplace solutions to roll out successfully, whether across one office or your entire portfolio.

Understanding how your workplace works (or doesn’t) is a crucial first step before you can think about changing it. Workplace Strategy is about more than just the actual design; it is known that a workplace consists of three interrelated elements, the space, the people and the culture. The goal is to align the physical space with the company’s business strategy, goals and culture. 

PMG provides practical and straightforward workplace strategies, regardless of your business’s stage in the journey:

  • Creating and rolling out hybrid work policies.
  • Improving utilisation of your workspace.
  • Managing cultural challenges, including return-to-office mandates.
  • Reducing property costs and footprint.
  • Lease expiries within 12-24 months.
  • Considering whether to stay or relocate.
  • Deciding on co-location or consolidation.
  • Planning for mergers, acquisitions, or expansions.

We customise our choice of tools and methods based on business values and needs, ensuring they are relevant, straightforward, and easy to implement.

Curious about how we can assist with your workplace strategy? 
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