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1099 York Street, Sydney NSW

Design & Construct Refurbishment


To accommodate the rapid growth of the business, Finder chose to take over the remainder of their floor and engaged PMG to create the perfect design solution that encapsulates the business’s core identity. The Finder “crew” sought more meeting spaces that fostered collaboration, technology and creativity.

The newly refurbished built environment needed to translate the passion and strong mantra shared by the co-founders. “We are launching a rocket ship into space and want to empower our crew to feel and be a part of this vision.”

A new agile working environment was created – completely open plan with a variety of settings introduced for the crew to work, meet, focus and socialize. The ‘space’ theme has transcended to all areas of the workplace to connect the crew with the brand, instilling a strong sense of unity. Each new space has an outer space connection. The waiting area portrays an airlock, informal meeting rooms are capsules, the breakout is the refuel station, the boardroom a rocket ship…. with phone pods, showers and bike storage to complete the enhanced functionality for their talented crew. To foster creativity, writable surfaces are on every single wall!!

The ultra “space-o-teric” theme has come to life at the new office!!

Stepping out of the lift and into the common lobby you get an immediate taste of the strong Finder identity. The over sized astronaut graphic points visitors and staff to Finder’s entry door. On pressing the alert button, as you wait to be greeted, intrigue and excitement are building as you see glimpses of the Star Trek inspired airlock. Angled walls, high gloss panelling, LED lighting, moon-like concrete flooring and a midnight blue ceiling all come together to create a very special first impression.

A total sensory experience has been achieved to attract and retain talented crew members! Moving through to the refuel station for a healthy snack or coconut water you are embraced with the raw character of the building. The exposed ceilings & spaceship’esque perimeter windows contrast with the vibrant injections of colour to truly bring the space to life. The refuel station features hanging plants, flexible furniture, writable walls, TV’s & projection screens. The mobile island bench presents the daily buffet lunch to the Finder crew to entice them to come together and be nourished. Bold carpet colours and shapes are injected to delineate corridors, highlight lounge areas and to create block colour meeting spaces.

Supporting the well being of the crew extended to incorporating a new shower facility, offering 2 private showers. The end result is zen and ultra cool. The moss wall stands as a biophilic feature within the vanity area adding texture and colour.

As a privately owned tenancy within an ageing strata building, this presented a number of challenges: from DDA compliance and mechanical services issues to a delayed approval process. To accommodate 100 crew members within 700sqm, base building mechanical services needed to be upgraded with the tenancy needing additional conditioned, fresh air units to keep the crew comfortable. The base building infrastructure did not have capacity to support these requirements so PMG worked with a Mechanical Services consultant to implement a solution which involved the installation of a new fresh air louvre to the buildings’ facade which fed the six additional air-conditioning units installed as part of the upgrade works.

The building lacked a dedicated loading dock and goods lift with the location offering very little street parking. Deliveries and removals had to be meticulously handled to minimise the impact on tenants, contractors and building management. Working around a live site is always more challenging. Extensive out-of-hours works had to be considered when preparing the initial programme. To make the project as seamless as possible, whilst minimising the impact on the Finder crew, the delivery was staged in three phases. All of which were still managed effectively within the project program with the nimble flexibility and commitment to delivering the client’s objectives within budget and deadline.