Active International & Involved Media

An office transformation that unifies two companies in one space with warm, mid-century modern vibes.


425 sqm


A design and construct project bringing two companies together and provide an atmosphere that encourages staff to return to the office. Active International and Involved Media valued having a unified space to encourage collaboration between staff.

With an eye for a warm, mid-century modern vibes, they also had specific requirements for the layout of the office. They needed a space with capacity to allow for large meetings without hiring external venues.


A glazed door invites you into the waiting area of bronze mirror and blue velvet seating with a large back lit signage showing both company logos. Phone booths and quiet areas flank the waiting area in a capsule shape, allowing easy movement from one side to the other with visual interest connecting between the spaces.

The final open office design also met all their requirements, including a formal boardroom with the capacity to seat 20 comfortably and a breakout with a central island for large staff functions.