Moet Hennessy

A design to pay homage to the history and evolution of the brands. The theme: ‘understated elegance,’ with a French aesthetic and Australian influence.


The relocation of Moët Hennessy’s ANZ offices presented the company with an opportunity to move away from outdated work practices – to a paperless office with smart storage solutions and future-proof, agile work zones.

And with the showcase Barangaroo location came a new priority: to roll out an office design that allowed for total immersion in the breathtaking Sydney city and harbour views.


Barangaroo, Sydney


790 sqm


Following several staff workshops, PMG rolled out an activity-based workplace (ABW) design, transforming Moët Hennessy’s new office into a warm and inspiring space.

Walnut timber and brass detailing was paired with sleek charcoal framing, matte finishes and classic Moët Hennessy wall graphics to emphasise the old and new, and pay homage to the brand’s history, evolution and understated elegance.

The creative, open layout supports current and future working requirements while allowing everyone to take in the sweeping Harbour views. Phone booths were installed to further support the company’s ABW arrangement, providing staff with private spaces to make calls. Existing meeting rooms were also transformed into flex rooms that can be used as individual offices or small meeting spaces, each celebrating a core brand.