Ribbon Communications

Ribbon’s new office space is an entirely reinvigorated redesign driven by the company’s global branding. 


380 sqm


The brief provided by Ribbon Communications, an accelerating technology-based communications company, called for an emphasis on integrating technology into their Australian headquarters.  Welcoming back their Sydney team members, who had been working from home for a good portion of the pandemic, was a key project objective. The design was set to centre around a new IT Laboratory to provide state-of-the-art facilities, and the environment needed to support the team showcasing their business solutions.  

Ribbon Communications had specific requirements for designing their new Sydney workplace and Australian headquarters, which had to reflect their core branding and align with their global workplaces. PMG Group would need to collaborate with the client’s in-house technical specialists to ensure the design was highly compatible with the team’s complex technological needs.


Ribbon’s new office space is an entirely reinvigorated redesign driven by the company’s global branding.  Their signature logo laid the foundation for the design direction of the project, and PMG were able to incorporate warmth and dimension by integrating materials such as timber accents, striking tech silhouettes, and unexpected graphic colour use, which also introduced subtle Australian design features while staying on-brand. To assist with creating an engaging office environment, PMG introduced a hero feature to the project, with ‘ribbon-like’ organic light fixtures that acts as a subtle reference to the company’s branding and adds a fun and on-brand element to the office space that houses thousands of service providers.

The design is centred around the new advanced IT Laboratory, which provide state-of-the-art facilities for team members to demonstrate and showcase the latest product solutions. Incorporating a significant volume of large-scale natural greenery was critical to creating an environment that was inviting for staff returning to the office. Highly considered acoustic treatments throughout the workplace and IT Laboratory were integral to achieving the project’s aspirations and the workplace’s overall success. 

The result is a modern, efficient and effective workspace that reflects Ribbon Communications’ global brand, showcases its technological solutions, and provides an uplifting and productive environment for its team members.