The brief called for a vibrant new work environment to energise the newly consolidated team. 


JobReady engaged PMG Group to design and construct their new open, professional and collaborative workspace for their consolidated team. The relocation aligned with their re-brand. So, they required a space that reflected their strong culture and created a sense of unity in who they are as a brand and business. 

Meeting space flexibility was essential to offer staff options for work, relaxation and socialisation. The team needed to experience the journey of closing their existing office as JobReady and arriving in their new space, working together under one roof as ReadyTech. Creative cost-effective solutions were a must!


Saunders Street, Pyrmont


642 sqm


From the moment you walk in, you are embraced by the brand’s vibrancy and culture. The reception has a moody, raw vibe. And the concrete floor and black wall provide the perfect backdrop and contrast, making the new bright neon logo really “pop”. 

Operable walls divide three front-of-house meeting rooms, which open up into one large space for training, meetings, and wellness activities (like yoga and meditation). The breakout is generous and inviting, a place where everyone can gather, interact and connect in one space. 

Working hand-in-hand with the marketing team resulted in creating some phenomenal graphics that envelope the space and help the staff connect immediately with the new brand. Budget constraints meant some innovative cost-saving solutions had to be introduced, including relocating a portion of existing workstations and chairs from the old office to the new.