Koda Capital

A high end client-focused workspace, with several bespoke design features. 

343 SQM

PMG was entrusted with the task of designing and constructing Koda Capital’s new office space in Brisbane, located at Level 32 Riparian Plaza.

PMG aimed to translate Koda Capital’s client-centric ethos, confidentiality requirements, and internal growth considerations into a functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace.

The project objectives included:

  • Creating spacious arrivals and front-of-house meeting rooms to welcome clients.
  • Ensuring confidentiality through effective acoustic and visual privacy measures.
  • A design that could accommodate internal growth.
  • Taking inspiration from Koda Capital’s Sydney office while infusing unique Brisbane characteristics.
  • Integrating Koda Capital’s branding throughout the tenancy to reinforce identity.


PMG devised innovative solutions to meet Koda Capital’s objectives while managing a budget.

  • Prioritised client-focused meeting spaces along perimeter glazing.
  • Leveraged the unique shape of the building, incorporating angles within the boardroom layout to optimise space utilisation.
  • A curated a palette of high-end finishes that elevated the office’s aesthetic appeal while remaining within budgetary constraints.
  • Special attention was paid to acoustics and visual privacy, ensuring that sensitive client discussions could take place without interruption or compromise.

Creation of several bespoke design features that showcased Koda Capital’s branding in a subtle yet impactful manner. These included:

    • Custom signage- the Koda logo and branding were abstracted and manifested through various mediums, including stencilled motifs on walls using paint and acrylic.
    • Unique room identifiers, such as Koda’s branded elephant motif cutouts, were incorporated to add character and facilitate wayfinding.
    • Acoustic panels were adorned with custom stencilled designs, seamlessly merging functionality with branding elements.

PMG successfully created a workspace that embodies Koda Capital’s values while providing a conducive environment for productivity and growth. The integration of custom design features further adds a touch of uniqueness and sophistication, setting Koda Capital’s Brisbane office apart as a symbol of excellence in workspace design.

Elevating Workspace Sophistication at Riparian Plaza, Brisbane.