JAS Australia

Bespoke and considered
workspace for an international freight company. 

700 SQM

PMG was engaged to design and construct JAS Australia’s new Sydney branch workspace & office. 

The project objectives included:

  • Uniting the team on one floor, moving from a two-level, siloed workspace.
  • Creating a workplace that attracts new staff.
  • Designing an office that reflects the JAS brand.
  • Developing a space to be proud of, matching the standards of other international JAS offices.
  • Ensure security compliance with customs regulations.


  • Unified Single Floor Office: Relocated all staff to one floor.
  • Considered Workspace: Thoughtful space planning to meet the needs of different teams.
  • Branding: The front of house area is heavily branded, while the back of house and breakout areas are more neutral. 
  • Meeting Areas: A suite of meeting spaces supports a variety of team interactions and environments.
  • Security Compliance: Installed new access doors and security measures in line with customs regulations.
  • Breakout Area: Designed a large breakout space to foster team cohesion in a relaxed setting, with flexible seating for large or small group gatherings.


Shipping Container Theme:

  • Central design element to align with JAS’s freight company identity.
  • A prominent, brightly coloured (JAS blue) shipping container in the Level 1 arrival area creates a striking ‘Wow factor’.
  • Boardroom entrance through shipping container doors, with a neutral interior for professionalism.
  • Bulkhead design incorporates elements of shipping container internals.
  • Informal meeting spaces and utilities area designed to resemble the inside of a shipping container.
  • The open office offers views of the other side of the shipping container, maintaining a neutral, professional work environment.

Elevating Workspace Sophistication at Riparian Plaza, Brisbane.