201 Miller Street

Delivering stunning speculative suites, clever refurbishments, and modern amenities with a strong focus on leasing success. 


Our goal is simple – to create spaces that get leased. In partnership with LaSalle Investment Management, we’re surpassing market expectations at 201 Miller Street, North Sydney. Discover stunning speculative suites, clever refurbishments, and modern amenities.

Acquired by LaSalle in 2022, 201 Miller Street is on a transformative journey to reposition itself in a competitive Sydney market. LaSalle engaged PMG Group to design and construct a series of seven speculative suites to appeal to a different range of targeted potential tenants, with the projects all being completed concurrently, along with updates to modernise the lift lobbies.

The project’s success hinges on the close collaboration between PMG and LaSalle’s team, who have joined forces to craft a winning building strategy, ensuring the highest likelihood of lease appeal and occupancy.


PMG continues to work closely with LaSalle on their building strategy, aiming to deliver ongoing updates that maximise leasing results and revenue. This collaborative approach has already yielded impressive results, with over 2,000 sqm of space already leased.

Drew Divers, Director of Commercial Leasing at Hartigan Bolt, expressed his gratitude, stating, “Big thanks to PMG Group for presenting the right product, making our lives as agents much easier.” This sentiment echoes the success and positive impact that the ongoing project at 201 Miller Street has had on the North Sydney property market.

The project scope encompassed a full refurbishment of floors on levels 1, 5, and 12. Strategically designed suites and fit outs were meticulously planned to maximise natural light, operational efficiency, and overall functionality, all while working seamlessly with existing fit outs.

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One of the most challenging aspects of this project was execution within a live and occupied environment. Minimising disruption to existing tenants is a top priority. PMG meticulously planned and executed the project, ensuring minimal disturbance while maintaining the highest safety standards. This thorough approach has contributed to a smooth and successful delivery.

On the top floor, a unique approach was taken to accommodate a different type of tenant. Level 16 saw the creation of a new fit-out that incorporated premium finishes, including glass bricks, stone benchtops, feature lighting, and high-end carpeting. Client-facing meeting rooms utilise warm tones and natural textures to create a welcoming and sophisticated meeting environment for guests. The overall feel is soft and fresh, with touches of golden hues offsetting a clean and natural color palette, adding drama and opulence.

PMG has also worked closely to modify designs to cater to the specific needs and preferences of incoming tenants, ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction. In addition to the speculative suites, PMG undertook the task of refreshing and upgrading the lift lobbies. These vital spaces serve as the first point of contact for visitors and clients, and their modernisation was imperative to make a lasting impression.

Our approach is simple yet powerful; we create tailored solutions for your building with a strong focus on leasing success. Join us on a journey to elevate your property portfolio. Contact us today

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