Goodman 190 Bourke Rd

Transforming a vacant ground floor space to stay competitive in the market and attract desired tenants.


Goodman partnered with PMG to reposition their vacant ground floor tenancy at Sydney Corporate Park to stay competitive and attract desired tenants. The brief called for an upgrade to the existing amenities and the design and construction of key fitout elements to leave a lasting impression whilst the remainder of the tenancy was made good to suit the requirements of the lucky tenant.

In collaboration with the Goodman Property team, a new front entry off the street and inspiring reception area was introduced to remove existing barriers to lease. A new kitchen and break out was installed at the rear of the tenancy to allow the balance of the space to be completely open. The design features a neutral palette inspired by the industrial style of the building, with polished concrete floor, exposed ceiling, as well as timber and greenery to bring warmth to the space.