From idea to built environment – What could go wrong?
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From idea to built environment – What could go wrong?




The experience of seeing and idea develop into the final built environment is such a thrill. The crucial element of success is that you exceed the client’s functional and aesthetic expectations.

Each built environment is unique – the site, the client, the function and the look. Construction can be considered the management of risk – there are many moving parts, tight programs and budgets to meet. Designed and built environments are a big investment for organisations so there is no room for error.

The barriers of entry into this industry are relatively low – the competitive advantage being both talent & expertise. So how to add value to the process?

The pairing of an architect/designer with a builder who are not like minded or share similar values can be a disaster for a project, especially when it comes to resolving issues that arise from building unique environments. The more integrated the teams are for delivering, the better the outcome. Having both teams working side by side in the same organisation is a distinct advantage in building value for the client. This is the model PMG Group has adopted and our repeat business is a testament that we are meeting and exceeding client expectations. And the biggest bonus for our teams; they have an awful lot of fun doing it.