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I was inspired to post this blog after meeting some truly great people within this industry over the last 10 months. What have I learnt? What is my philosophy? When you stop selling and start building relationships you tap into something far more rewarding, solid and substantial.

Along the way these people have mentored me, taught me tricks of trade, given me valuable advice and helped me with my own career. I now call some of these people friends! Ditching the cold selling mentality and replacing it with a strategy to build meaningful and long-term relationships has helped me to provide a trusted and transparent service. Of course, some good old-fashioned hard work, persistence and resilience has also been incorporated into my approach!

I have found that my new way of thinking = new and even greater results! Detaching from the traditional hard selling approach and replacing it with a new sales mindset can have substantial benefits. The traditional mindset of delivering a strong sales pitch can be replaced with the newer approach of stopping the sales pitch — and “starting the conversation”.

Talk to your clients and get to know them. Give them the opportunity to get to know you. Provide exceptional service, believe in your brand, love what you get up and do every morning. Be yourself AND MOST IMPORTANTLY have fun as you watch the amazing transformation begin.

Bernadette Xuereb

Business Development Manager