Investa Property Group

The new tenancy is ultra-modern and futuristic, brightened up with creative design solutions


The vacancy on Level 4 left Investa with a challenge because the floor was dark with tinted windows that invited little natural light. PMG was tasked with designing an “out of the box” solution to set the tenancy apart in the market. 

The leasing agents (Cadigal) were an integral part of the design process. Driving the need to create a ‘wow’ to attract tenants, they identified that the target market wouldn’t be a typical tenant; it would be a business that was looking for a modern, industrial and quirky space


Pitt Street, Sydney


788 sqm

PMG delivered an “out of the box” solution to appeal to the target tenant. The new tenancy is ultra-modern and futuristic. The contrast between the navy exposed ceilings, carpeted perimeter, glossy white ardit flooring, and white ceiling tiles in the centre creates a truly spectacular visual experience!