307 Queen Street

Modern and flexible workspaces,
ideal for current tenant requirements.

Level 6 – 366sqm
Level 8 – 252sqm


  • Growthpoint engaged PMG to design and build two speculative suites aimed at enhancing the marketability and functionality of Level 6 and Level 8, 307 Queen Street. The objective was to create high-end, flexible workspaces that appeal to potential tenants and meet modern workspace standards.
  • Level 6:
    • Design a high-end speculative suite.
    • Incorporate flexible workspace options.
    • Develop an attractive front-of-house (FOH) waiting area with potential for a future reception desk.
  • Level 8:
    • Improve the layout and refurbish existing space.
    • Create a larger kitchen and breakout area.
    • Ensure an open connection between FOH and back-of-house (BOH).

PMG implemented a range of design solutions to transform Level 6 into a high-end speculative suite, focusing on creating a welcoming and flexible workspace:

    1. Meeting Room Accessibility: Meeting rooms were designed to be easily accessible from the FOH waiting area, enhancing convenience for both tenants and visitors.
    2. Breakout Space Visibility: Custom joinery and a planter box were strategically placed to be visible through the arrivals corridor, connecting the FOH and BOH spaces visually and functionally.
    3. Creative Layout: The layout was crafted to allow for a potential third office in the BOH area, providing flexibility for future tenant needs.
    4. Special Features:
      • Portal joinery outside the 6-person meeting room.
      • Tiled part-height wall with a bench seat.
      • Tiling on columns to add texture and visual interest.
      • Custom planter box and island table for an enhanced breakout area.

For Level 8, PMG focused on creating a modern, functional, and marketable office space:

    1. Optimised FOH and Meeting Spaces: A smaller waiting area was designed to allow for an additional small FOH meeting room, accommodating a larger kitchen/breakout area suited to the tenancy size.
    2. Boardroom Relocation: The boardroom was relocated to the FOH area, improving accessibility and functionality.
    3. Resource Efficiency: Existing furniture, utilities, and kitchen joinery in good condition were reused. New finishes were selected to create a cohesive, monochromatic aesthetic.
    4. Special Features: Two-tone paint for a sophisticated look. Feature film detail and arches on part-height glass walls. Collaborative two-tone paint is mirrored by a feature carpet inlay, adding a dynamic visual element to the space.


With thoughtful design and strategic planning, PMG successfully delivered two speculative suites for Growthpoint that meet the modern demands of flexible and high-end office spaces. The bespoke features and optimised layouts not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also ensure functional efficiency, making the spaces attractive and marketable to potential tenants.