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Office design is continually evolving and improving. The advent of wireless technology has allowed office design to be revisited and staff is no longer tied to a desk with a landline or desktop computers. The new millennia could see us all working from our mobile

From idea to built environment – What could go wrong?

                                The experience of seeing and idea develop into the final built environment is such a thrill. The crucial element of success is that you exceed the client's functional and aesthetic expectations. Each built environment

Workplace Greenery

Green spaces can help promote focus, productivity, inspiration, and increase happiness. There are many psychological benefits that can be received from adding these areas to your workplace.      Adding plants to your office is something that every employee should want to do. The benefits, both physical and


With the introduction of the WELL Building Standard in Australia last year businesses are acknowledging the importance of employee health and wellbeing. We've all been hearing a lot about healthy work environments; emphasising access to natural light, fresh air, biophilic materials (internal spaces mimicking nature)


George Costanza first introduced me to the idea of napping in the office. A makeshift bed under a chunky dark timber grain desk simply using a pillow, blanket & little compartment for the all important alarm clock. How genius! This comical idea of 'clocking off'at